Online Curriculum Handbook

This Online Curriculum Handbook is designed to help students to choose subjects that will support them to achieve success and assist them in their life after school.

When choosing, evidence suggests that students should select subjects that:

  • enable them to work to their strengths
  • are challenging
  • they enjoy studying
  • provide the qualifications or background knowledge they need for the future
  • keep options open.

It takes self-awareness and honest self-evaluation to choose subjects that support success. Research however, indicates that students are more likely to choose subjects because of peer pressure or parental influence rather than knowledge of their own strengths and goals. This means it is important for students to seek advice and support widely – from their teachers, past students, from online resources and to honestly review their academic record. This will help with clearer decision making.

It is the role of friends and family to help students recognise their strengths and provide feedback that supports them to believe in themselves and their abilities. It is not to persuade or encourage students to make choices that they themselves deem to be important.

We have consulted Learning Areas to produce a website that provides an overview of subjects to assist in the important process of subject selection.