SACE Stage 2 (Year 12) Overview

SACE Information

University Entry

Students wishing to go to university will choose 80 credits, equivalent to four full year subjects from the list below, achieving a grade of C- or better in 60 credits at Year 12. This cannot include Community Studies.

SACE Completion

Students wishing to complete SACE only, must choose 60 credits from the list below and can include Community Studies.

An additional 20 credits can come from:

  • Another Year 12 subject
  • A Year 11 subject
  • VET Course.

Research Project

Students who have not undertaken the Research Project in Year 11, will be automatically enrolled in the Research Project in Year 12. This will be undertaken in addition to Stage 2 subjects selected.

Year 13 Students:

Students returning as Year 13 students will work towards completing their SACE Certificate or improving their Australian Tertiary Admissions Ranking (ATAR).
Year 13 students must do a minimum of three full-year subjects to continue attending Unley High School.

List of SACE Stage 2 Subjects

Unless otherwise noted, full year subjects are worth 20 points, Single semester subjects are worth 10 points.