Year 8 French Bilingual / Binational Program Histoire / Géographie


This subject is part of the French Bilingual/Binational Program and is taught entirely in French.


Students must have been accepted into the Program to study this subject and have age appropriate French.

LEGNTH: Full Year Compulsory


This subject follows the French Curriculum and is equivalent to Cycle 4/4e.

The following topics will be covered: Eighteenth Century Expansion, Enlightenment & Revolution; Europe and the World in the Nineteenth Century; Society, Culture & Politics in Nineteenth Century France; World Urbanisation- causes and consequences & Land Degradation; Mobility across nations – Migration and Tourism


Student’s work will be assessed according to the French Competencies and adapted to ACARA. Grades A to E will be used for reporting purposes.

Subject FEE: This subject is covered by the French Bilingual Program Fee.

LEADS TO: Year 9 Histoire/Géographie