Year 8 Music

Year 8 Music

LEVEL: Year 8

LENGTH: Semester – includes free instrumental tuition

Recommended background:

This course provides for students with little or no experience, as well as those who are already accomplished young musicians.


The Music course is highly practical, with the focus on making music. Students learn an instrument for the full year and apply these skills in regular class band rehearsals and solo and ensemble performance contexts. They explore and experiment with the musical elements in GarageBand on iPads and/or iMacs to compose pieces using loops, virtual instruments, effects and found sounds. Students develop musical literacy skills such as pitch reading, rhythmic decoding, notation and aural acuity. Students explore the traditional music of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. They identify and analyse how the elements of music are used in different styles and apply this knowledge in performances and compositions. They evaluate musical choices from different cultures, times and places and communicate meaning as performers and composers.

Music provides opportunities for the development of students’ creativity, critical thinking, persistence, resilience, self-discipline, identity, connection and confidence. This is achieved through experiences that encourage collaboration and creative problem-solving, the acquisition of instrumental skills, knowledge and understanding, and the development of aesthetic awareness.

Music provides authentic experiences for students to practise and demonstrate the Unley High School values of respect, excellence, diversity and community.


Students’ performance will be determined according to the subject’s Achievement Standards as outlined in the framework of the Australian Curriculum. Grades A to E will be used for reporting purposes.

Students will be assessed in a variety of ways, including solo performances, ensemble performances, musical literacy tasks and compositions

Special Requirements

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Leads to: Year 9 Music A & B