Year 8 French Bilingual / Binational Program (Special Entry)


This is a Special Entry Program. Students are accepted into this course via a selection and testing process.


Students will have attended school in France or a Francophone country and will have French Proficiency in keeping with their age and year level.

LEGNTH: Full Year Compulsory


This course follows the French Curriculum and is the equivalent to Cycle 4/4e.
The following topics will be covered:

Different Worlds through Literature & Film; Romanticism in the 19th Century; Love Poetry; The Individual in Society and clashing values; Media and Information; Journalism in Literature and Language Study.


Student’s work will be assessed according to the French Competencies and adapted to ACARA. Grades A to E will be used for reporting purposes.

This Program requires students to be motivated and engaged and to participate in any (French) extra-curricular activities organised during the year.


This fee covers French activity books, subscriptions to Magazines, Apps & online resources.

LEADS TO: Year 9 French (Bilingual/National)

Studied with:  Year 8 Histoire / Géographie