Year 8 Visual Arts

LEVEL: Year 8

LENGTH: 1 semester

Recommended background: Year 7 Arts


In Year 8 Art, the emphasis is on expanding the topics and themes explored in Year 7 and continue to equalise student knowledge, based on the Australian Curriculum year level band’s description. Throughout the term students’ understanding of basic concepts in Art will be explored in-depth, such as Visual Elements and Principles (crucial to furthering their development in Visual Art). The course encompasses both traditional and digital tools, which includes iPad applications, as part of the Middle School iPad program requirements, as well as 2D and 3D media (drawing, painting and sculpting). Students will develop a variety of practical skills, problem-solving and decision-making through independent and teamwork activities. They will also learn critical thinking and analysis by exploring works of Art and concepts from various cultures and periods, including Australian Indigenous Art.


Students’ performance will be determined according to the subject’s Achievement Standards (and/or Rubrics), as outlined in the framework of the Australian Curriculum. Grades A to E will be used for reporting purposes.

Special Requirements:

Students are required to supply an A3 Display Folio. 

Leads to: Year 9 Art