Year 8 Mathematics

Year 8 Mathematics

LEVEL: Year 8

LENGTH: Full Year


Students will follow the Australian Curriculum course outline:

  • Number and Place Value – working with whole numbers and powers
  • Real Numbers – decimals, percentages, rates and ratios
  • Money and Financial Mathematics – profit and loss
  • Patterns and Algebra – working with and simplifying expressions
  • Linear and non-Linear Relationships – use of graphs and graphing processes
  • Geometric Reasoning – properties of shapes and their application
  • Using Units of Measurement – perimeters, areas, volumes, time intervals
  • Chance – elementary probability techniques
  • Data Representation and Interpretation – working with elementary statistical techniques.


Students’ performance will be determined according to the subject’s Achievement Standards as outlined in the Mathematics framework of the Australian Curriculum. Grades A-E will be used for reporting purposes.

At the end of each semester, students will sit a year level common test. This test, together with other forms of assessment, will be used to gauge student performance and readiness for the next year.

Students will be assessed in each of the topics using a combination of tests, assignments and exercises.

Special Requirements:

Students are placed in mixed ability classes in Year 8 for the whole year.

A scientific calculator is required. We recommend one with an authentic display.

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