Year 8 Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS)

LEVEL: Year 8

LENGTH: Full Year Compulsory


Students study the Year 8 Australian Curriculum HASS course. This involves students studying History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship and Economics and Business.

The History component will involve students studying the Middle Ages period to the beginning of the Modern World Era (c.650 – 1750CE). Students will study what values and beliefs emerged during this period, how they influenced societies whilst developing their historical skills, including critical analysis. Civilisations studied may include a combination of: Medieval Europe, The Black Death, Shogunate Japan and/or Mesoamerica.

The Geography component will involve students studying two topics: Landforms and Landscapes and Changing Nations. Students will investigate Australia’s natural and physical features, Australia’s interconnections with Asia, urbanisation and internal and external migration.

The Civics and Citizenship component will involve students studying many aspects of society. This may involve them exploring Australia’s system of government, the freedoms, rights and responsibilities of citizens in a democracy, the law making process and customary law in Australia. The Business and Economics component will involve students exploring economics and business concepts, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander markets. They will explore how businesses operate, consumer and business rights and the role of governments in influencing businesses.


Students’ performance will be determined according to the subject’s Achievement Standards. Grades A to E will be used for reporting purposes. Students understanding and skills will be assessed in a variety of tasks that may include:

  • guided inquiries into the Feudal System, the Black Death, Australia’s economic and legal systems and/or natural disasters.
  • sources analysis tests and assignments on Shogun Japan and/or the Spanish Conquest of the Americas
  • investigations into the Spanish Conquest of the Americas, Australia’s natural and physical landforms and landscapes, including human impacts, and/or Australia’s legal system.
  • field trip reports on urbanisation and the changing nature of landscapes

 Leads to: Year 9 Geography, Year 9 History, Year 9 Law and Personal Finance