Year 8 French Immersion Program

This is a Special Entry Program. Students are accepted into this course via a selection and testing process.

LEVEL: Year 8

 LENGTH: Full Year Compulsory

Recommended background: This course is for beginners. It is not suitable for students who have studied in France and who are proficient background speakers.

Students will be introduced to the study of French through the development of:

  • Their ability to communicate in French
  • Knowledge and understanding of French culture and society and the capability to move between French and English and to make comparisons
  • Language learning skills

The following Communicative topics are studied: Self and Family, Animals, School Routines, Holiday plans, Food and Drink, Technology and The Environment. During the Course students will also cover language relevant to the HASS topics to be covered.


Students’ performance will be determined according to the subject’s Achievement Standards as outlined in the ACARA framework. Grades A to E will be used for reporting purposes. Assessment contains aspects of intercultural literacy; listening; speaking; reading and writing with an emphasis placed on interactive communication skills.

Special Requirements: Tapis Volant Activity Book 1.

Students will be expected to sit the ACER Language Test to gauge their progress.

Leads to:  Year 9 French Immersion Program

Studied alongside

Year 8 Humanities & Social Sciences (French)